Kelly Clarkson is celebrating the birth of their baby girl with her husband Brandon Blackstone and of course all her fans. She and her husband welcomed their baby girl on the 12th of this month and she announced this in Twitter a little later after her birth where she shared her name as River Rose.

It was not a very easy pregnancy for Mrs. Blackstone who was ill for the most of it and lived just on baked potatoes. Miss Independent Singer spoke in a recent interview where she said how she remained indoors for most part of her last trimesters and how unhappy she was about that. She could barely gather the courage for going to a store and buying maternity clothes as she despised the way she looked at that time.

kelly clarksonMost pregnant women claim to have a glow in their skins and they talk about how amazing their nails and hair appear, but with Clarkson, it was just the opposite. It was a shame considering the fact that she was actually looking forward to being pregnant and becoming a mother herself.

After marrying Brandon Blackstone, Clarkson became a step mother to Brandon’s children named Savannah and Seth. She desperately wanted her own as well and wanted to be a mother and have her own child for her next birthday. The singer and star celebrated her 32nd birthday in the month of April and made a wish on her birthday that her baby sleeps through the nights.

We are hoping that her first few months of motherhood would be more enjoyable than her pregnancy and with a new born in the house; it also would not be very difficult.

Kelly Clarkson is already on cloud 9 after giving birth to a baby girl and that is not because her pregnancy has ended, she was dying to take her baby in her arms. Before she had mentioned that she wants lot of babies but she has not mentioned any of that lately and it might be that she has changed her mind after going through such a difficult pregnancy.

She is not the first to give her new born an uncommon and unusual name. The name of Kardashian and West’s daughter is North while Li’l Kim named her daughter Royal Reign. Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple and her son Moses and she is still remembered for it.

Fans are waiting to see the picture of River Rose and no other information has been shared.

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