Simon Cowell, a man known to shatter many dreams, many hopes. Dubbed as ‘Mr. Nasty’, Simon Cowell has produced a name to completely destroy the dreams of many contestants in his extremely famous television talent show by showering them with not so required comments at their performance.

Simon Cowell

However, recently it seems that fatherhood has taken a toll on our very own Mr. Nasty by prompting him to donate a lump sum amount at a charity event earning him the transformation from Mr. Nasty to Mr. Nice. Being amongst the UK leading 165 charity donors in the final year, this music mogul is expected to make it up to the top charts of the annual Giving List for the first time ever in his life.

As reported by inside sources of well known media houses, Simon Cowell had offered a total of 1.6 million pounds to charity in a span of 12 months; this act successfully earned him the 10th position on the list of all the celebrity donors. After becoming a father for the first time in February of this year, Cowell was revealed to have a personal fortune of 225 million pound and is now known to be involved in short term charity events for many years.

Being in support of many causes; he is most active for the Children’s Hospices UK, the Katie Piper Foundation and the famous animal right charity PETA. In 2014, the Charity Providing List has announced in the Sunday Occasions that it holds a record number of donors that gave more than 1 million pound to charity in the final year and Mr. Simon is one of them.

Other prominent donors along with Simon Cowell are the famous boy band One Direction, Coldplay, with sports giant David Beckham and Colin Montgomerie. They have been known to give far more than 1 million pound to charity with 48 out of the 165 donors donating more than 10 million pounds while 20 of them crossing the 25 million pound mark.

The Sainsbury family members who are headed by Lord David Sainsbury are crowned to be the toppers of the celebrity donor list with around 165.3 million pound placed in 18 of their different family homes or distributed previously. Other prominent member of the music world also joined forces in charity auctioning the iconic styles in November that raised a total of 16 million pounds for fighting against AIDs.

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