On Tuesday, the famous Tennis star Roger Federer announced that he and his beloved wife have given birth to the couple’s second set of twins, Leo and Lenny on Twitter. They were already parents to their four year old twin daughters Myla and Charleen. Now they are blessed once again with two beautiful baby boys.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer had to withdraw from the Madrid open in order to be with his wife while she was giving birth to the twins. He had later tweeted on early Tuesday explaining that he has withdrawn from the tournament to be with his wife in order to celebrate the next couple of exciting weeks. He also apologized to his fans and promised to be back next year for the Madrid Open with a bam! He would be training near his home and expects to be back as soon as possible.

The world No. 4 Tennis player had earlier announced that he would happily withdraw from the tournament to be with his wife Mirka when she would be giving birth to their baby and have no regrets about it.

The news was also confirmed by Federer’s agent Tony Godsick on the Associated Press that Federer and wife Mirka had indeed given birth to their second set of twins.

Though it is not yet certain whether the 32 year old Swiss champion would be playing for the Rome masters next week, it is almost certain that with Roland Garros still 19 days away, there is a high chance that Federer will be appearing in the year’s first Grand Slam.

In a telephone interview, Federer’s agent Godsick had further confirmed this by saying that Roger is most definitely playing for the Grand Slams. But what he is going to do before that is still not decided. Roger Federer is willing to take matter step by step as it comes.

Moreover, the 3 times winner in Madrid, Federer is known to never miss a Grand Slam Tournament since the 2000. With a 28- 5 record on the season topping off as the ATP’s best score so far, Federer being the former No. 1 has won many titles including one in Dubai.

With Federer laying low for a few weeks, his position was replaced by the Polish player Lukasz Kubot in the Madrid draw facing Gill Simon of France. The world’s No. 2 Novak Djokovic had also withdrawn from the tournament due to a wrist injury.

Photo Credit By: abcnews.go.com


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