Has George Clooney Finally Popped the Question?

A die hard bachelor, 52 year old actor George Clooney seems to have got engaged at last to 36 year old British girlfriend Amal Alamuddin, reported a source close to the People magazine. With no confirmation of the reports by the couple as yet, it is difficult to be sure but Entertainment Tonight reported that the stunning Amal Alamuddin was seen showing off a ring to the couple’s friend Cindy Crawford at Malibu, California on Thursday. According to the Entertainment Tonight Clooney and Amal were indulging in a sushi dinner with model Cindy Crawford and actor Edward Norton.

George Clooney Engaged to  Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney’s supposed engagement has been confirmed by a source close to the couple and an insider reported that, “George and Amal are trying to keep things very low-key but they also aren’t really trying to hide this, it doesn’t seem. I think it’s like they want the people they love to know that this is real, that they plan on being together forever”.

Mum’s the word from George’s Representative

George’s representative Stan Roosenfield has refused to comment on the engagement but at the same time has not denied the engagement as well. “I do not comment on his personal life,” the publicist was reported to have said in connection with George’s engagement. Roosenfield had termed the association of Clooney and Amal as “just friends” last October when they had been first spotted together.

The Notorious Bachelor on his Ideas on Marriage

After his brief stint at married life with actress Talia Balsam whom he married in 1989, ended in 1993, Clooney had said that although he was not off the idea of marriage but he felt he was not the marrying type. Since then Clooney has had an array of girlfriends starting from cocktail waitresses to models to his girlfriend of two years before Alamuddin, former wrestler Stanley Keibler with whom his relationship ended in July last year.  On the topic of marriage, Clooney told Esquire “I haven’t had aspirations in that way, ever. I was married in 1989. I wasn’t very good at it”

Amal Alamuddin- Beauty with Brains

Clooney seems to have been stuck by cupid’s arrow and succumbed to the wonderful combination of beauty with brains that Amal Alamuddin is. By profession, Amal is a human rights and civil liberties cases lawyer and has graduated from the New York University School of Law with a specialisation in International Law.

She has also studied at St. Hugh’s college in Oxford University. Since 2010, Amal has been appointed in a number of UN commissions including being an advisor to the Special envoy Kofi Annan on Syria. Currently she is the legal advisor for Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who is hiding extradition in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

Voted the hottest barrister in London by Your barrister’s boyfriend, a legal blog, Amal is an established author and published several books on law.

We congratulate the silver fox, Clooney on his engagement to Amal.

Photo Credit By:  i4.mirror.co.uk


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