Actress Kandi Burruss has exchanged wedding vows with fiance Todd Tucker. A glowing Kandi announced her marriage with Todd in the company of friends and family. Looks like the The Real Housewives of Atlanta is happy to have had the marriage she had always wished for. She did not want any publicity of the wedding ceremony and the entire affair was kept very private.


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The wedding happened in the presence of very few selected friends and family and no one has leaked any photos, information, or gossip about the couple’s Big Day. There is no information as yet about where the newlyweds plan to go on their honeymoon. The wedding has been ‘a dream come true’ for Kandi, and her fans hope that the honeymoon destination will be as special as that.

Kandi and Todd have been great friends for quite some time now. Kandi was quoted saying that she could never believe that one could get married to one’s best friend. She feels lucky to get married to her best friend.

Todd Tucker, the line producer of the show Bravo meet Kandi on the show’s set in 2011. During the show the two became friends and the friendship kept getting deeper and stronger till eventually the couple realized that they were in love. Ready to make the relationship official, Kandi and Todd got engaged in January, 2013.

The smooth sailing relationship has had some bumps as well. During their relationship, Kandi’s mother had accused Todd of having cheated on her daughter with Kandi’s friend Carmon. Kandi’s mother, Joyce even physically confronted Carmon on the sets of bravo. But somehow the couple, Kandi and Todd had sorted things soon between them. Despite, Kandi’s excitement to have been married to Todd, her mother is not totally in moods for celebration. She has not been able to get along well with the guy, since the Carmon episode.

Kandi’s friends and colleagues, however, were very excited about the whole wedding thing and threw her a wonderful bachelorette party the week before the wedding. A very exhilarated ‘would be bride’ shared her party photos on instagram feed called Bridal Kandi.

Not only Kandi’s bachelorette event, but Todd’s bachelor party was also quite a grand affair hosted by him in Atlanta’s Onyx. The party was co-hosted by Kandi’s RHOA co-star Apollo Nida and Kirk Frost of the Love and Hip Hop fame.

On the occasion of the wedding Kandi’s friends and family were there to cheer but Mama Joyce did not seem to enjoy all the banter around. She was the least excited about the whole engagement and wedding affair but was present to lend support to her daughter who in spite of her advice had decided to marry Todd. She was quoted saying before the wedding that as long as it is all fine with the couple, she is happy for them.

The scene at the couple’s end right now looks all hush hush. Since the wedding, they have disappeared from the media radar. Fans are guessing that the in love couple are probably enjoying a very private honeymoon at some exotic locale.


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