Alex O’Laughlin has secretly married his gorgeous lady love Malia Jones, reported the People magazine recently. Thirty seven year old Alex O’Laughlin, the star from the Hawaii Five-0, lives with his girlfriend, the thirty seven year old model Malia Jones in their house in Hawaii. They tied the knot in Hawaii, a rep exclusively reported to the People magazine.

The couple had announced the birth of their first child together, Lion, in October 2012.  Lion is the second son for each of the star couple as each of them has sons from previous marriage or relationships. Alex O Laughlin has a teenage son, Saxon, and Malia has a four year old son called Spike with surfer ex-husband Luke Stedman.

The couple was blessed with their first child together, son Lion, on October 25th 2012. The first picture of his son that Alex shared with the world was on May 21st last year. “He is the best” quipped the CBS show star, about Lion and added, “That’s Easter. He was representing.” He’s very measured,” Alex added about his little one. “My big boy, Saxon is kind of rowdy. He’ll be 16 in July and he’s huge. He’s like 6-foot! It’s terrifying!”

The picture of his new house at Hawaii was also shown at this show. The actor told the TV host that he had bought a mid-century home that required some work and renovation on it.’I bought a house. It’s beautiful. It’s mid-century. It’s open! I’d like to completely redo it!” He added,” I live in a gulley.The critters come in. It has doors and windows throughout most of the house”

About the sport of surfing Alex says he is not much of a surfer. “I don’t really surf. I’m not that good. I’m not committed,” He told in the same show. He went further on to say about his muscular physique that, “That’s a lot of work to look like. I look like that for a week and a half of the year if I am lucky”.

Alex, the star from CBS show Hawaii  Five-0 first made his public appearance with Malia Jones who is a surfer, in addition to being a model, in the November of 2011. Subsequently the couple announced the pregnancy in the year 2012 in August.

In addition to the role of Steve in Hawaii Five-0, Australian born AlexO’ Laughlin is also famous for playing opposite the sizzling Jennifer Lo as her love interest in the romantic comedy Back up Plan released in 2010. Alex has also played in The Shield, Three Rivers, August Rush and the Whiteout. Jones has also appeared in magazines such as Esquire and Sports Illustrated, in addition to modelling for Capri Sun, Coca Cola and American Express. American Model Surfer Malia Jones has been voted amongst the World’s 50 most beautiful women by the People Magazine and amongst the 10 sexiest women athletes by Esquire.

We congratulate the lovely couple on this happy news!!

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