Michael Jackson is universally known as the King of Pop, not only for his signature music and voice, but, also for his universally recognised dance moves, remember the moonwalk, who could have done better than him? And though today he might not be around, but his legacy still lives on and may be a love child too.

Michael Jackson Fathers Secret Love Child With R&B Singer Miki Howard

There have been questions asked about the King of Pop’s sexuality, but having fathered three children; he made it pretty clear that he was as straight as a stick and if the results of the DNA test carried out by the 31 year old singer Brandon Howard are to be believed then he is the man who fathered the singer, who was born sometime in 1982 to jazz and R&B singer Miki Howard.

Miki Howard happened to be represented by Michael’s father, Joe Jackson at that time, as her manager and she was also reported to have met Michael Jackson around that time and Brandon was born shortly after that encounter, sometime in 1982.

Amidst all this hoopla and the search for Brandon Howard’s birth father, Augie Johnson has claimed that Michael fathering Brandon is after all a rumour, since he knows it for sure that Howard is his son and also claims that he was born much before Miki met Michael. But the rumour mills are also abuzz that Joe Jackson might have also fathered Miki’s son.

But Brandon was hell bent on proving the real identity of his father and hence used an orthodontic device worn by the King of Pop to prove that the ‘Smooth Criminal’ hit maker was indeed his father. The truth of the matter, we might never know completely, but one look at MJ and Brandon Howard and you know that the similarity is uncanny; their musical style is also alarmingly similar.


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