During a recent interview on the New Yorker radio station Power 105′s Breakfast Club show, Mariah Carey admitted she fire her nannies often due to concerns regarding the bonding between her children and their nannies. She also talked about her difficulties during pregnancy and her love for husband Nick Cannon, host of the show “America’s Got Talent”.

Mariah Carey is currently promoting her new single “You’re Mine (Eternal)”, which has a sexy video featuring shots of Mariah covered in body glitter, sitting near a waterfall.

Mariah Carey – Tough Pregnancy and Now Nanny Quest

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No Nanny Bonding

The singer admitted she is obligated to hire nannies because of her and her husband’s busy schedule. Wearing a fuchsia silk negligee which partially left her bra visible,  43 year old Mariah also revealed she is scared her two years old toddles will became too attached to the nanny, instead of loving their mother. As a consequence she came up with the solution to fire nannies often, so they don’t get to emotionally “steal” her children.

Reality vs Early Thoughts

Mariah added she did not enjoy firing nannies, but she feel she has to do it. Since the birth of her twins, Mariah fears that nannies may try to make themselves more important for the children and cause them to became estranged to their own mother. Before being a mother she claimed she will totally commit to her child, when she will have one. But reality changed Mariah’s mind as she was faced with the difficulties of raising twins and taking care for her career, at the same time.

A Happy Family

Mariah Carey is married to Nick Cannon. The couple welcomed in 2011 twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe, a boy and a girl. In spite of all the joy brought by the children, Mariah made a declaration that the couple will not gave another child.

A Tough Pregnancy

Mariah Carey had a tough pregnancy. The singer revealed she had pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. She was forced to face these alone as her husband was often away with business. Mariah also declared for the listeners that she will most probably be alone on Valentine’s Day, as husband Nick will be busy on the show “America’s Got Talent”, which he hosts.

In spite of them spending lot of time apart, Mariah revealed the love still sparkles as bright as ever between the two and Nick gives her flowers every month, and they make quite a fusss about celebrating their anniversary.


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