Shorn of all euphemism Lady Gaga is the queen of antics, and when it comes to her performances and looks, she is always one step ahead of your wildest fantasies. Be it her meat dress or the recent SXSW performance in Austin, Texas, where she had her friend, Millie Brown, vomit on her. While you might go, eww and yuck at the thought of being the object of someone’s puke, Lady Gaga thinks that the performance was “art in its purest form”.

Lady Gaga and Vomit Performance

Well, if it is Lady Gaga you are talking about, you should be prepared for such eyebrow raisings performances and claims. Appearing in a television interview after the controversial performance, Lady Gaga told Savannah Guthrie of Today that both Millie and she believe in the freedom of artistic expression and the two friends have and will support each other in their antics and endeavours, since they both believe in “strong identities”.

While performing ‘Swine’ on stage, in her white dreadlocks, and barbeque sauce basted body Lady Gaga had invited her friend, Millie Brown, who came up and drank a neon green liquid which she later threw up on the singer as a black and green liquid. Fellow singers, like Demi Lovato was so disgusted, that she even accused Lady Gaga of “glamorising eating disorders”.

In her defense, Lady Gaga said to Savannah Guthrie, on the Today Show, that her new album ‘ARTPOP’ is all about music and art being fused together and she also mentioned that she and Brown were both aware that some people would not take to this kindly. When she was asked if she wanted this controversy, Lady Gaga said, it doesn’t matter, and she added that it’s her and Brown’s intention to only entertain those present at a do and create something that is for the moment. After all, it was at a club in Austin that they were performing!

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