The very apocalypse can strike any moment now, as former life-time enemies Kerry Katona and Katie Price had just ended their fight. The two women posted on their social media accounts a picture of them hugging and kissing, as well as comments on Tweeter on their recent meeting.

In the last 7 years Katie Price and Kerry Katona, who both co-stared the reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here!”, had carried a vicious press fight one against each other, but apparently they decided enough is enough and had left behind a nasty tabloid war.

Kerry Katona and Katie Price Ended a 7 Years Tabloid War

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A Peace Tea

The two sex-bombs tweeter over their enjoyable tea time and their bonding time spent catching on with each other’s life since they last met.

Katie Price was the first one to post the imagine on Instagram along with the comment saying it was great to catch up with a long lost BFF and that she will see her soon.

Kerry’s reply was soon to follow thanking Kate for a long tea (that took hours) and sending her hugs via the social network.

The Initial Quarrel

Katie Price, former glamor model, and former Atomic Kitten singer, Kerry Katona, who is now pregnant with her 5th child, starred in the 2004 series of the reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here!”. Peter Andre, who was at the time married to Katie, also starred along them in the show.

The couple had a public fall out in 2007, when the girls exchanged harsh words and eventually had a “fall out” that converted in a full scale war.

Girly Talk

During the 2007 split up, Katie labelled Kerry “a drugie”, naming her second husband Marc Croft a “bully”.

In 2010, Kerry split up from Croft as well and signed with Peter Andre’s PR company, which only made Katie madder than she already was.

The press made things even worst by comparing Katie Price with Kerry, after both women married and divorced third time.  Kerry was raving mad when she saw the titles and quickly began to explain her marital picks, ensuring everyone that her new husband will be the last one.

The Big Kiss and Make-up

The two women finally decided is time to put an end to everything and recently met to enjoy a “kiss and make-up” tea. Everything went as planned and the former stars announced on their social media accounts the big news.

The pacification may be related to Kerry’s re-start in life as a proud mom and wife, after she had decided to give up on drugs and enroll into a healthy lifestyle.


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