“Child birth is an experience that cannot be explained or experience by anyone other than the mother herself. The pain, the happiness, the anxiety, the excitement, and of course the wait all mix together to create an indelible impression on the mother. But for most, the whole process is kept private. But not for celebrity Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra Wilkinson

In her interview with Celebuzz, Kendra said that she wants to be filmed while giving birth to a baby girl through C-section surgery. The baby is due in May. Kendra believes that in this way, she will be able to share her moment of joy with millions of others around the world!

Reality TV star, Kendra Wilkinson is taking nudity to a whole new alter. Kendra created a stir in the entertainment world when she posed for the famous Playboy Magazine – all naked. Now she plans to bare it all and give her audience a blood, gore, and placenta show. This celebrated wife of football hunk Hank Baskett, feels that she has enjoyed her decade in television and wishes to give her viewers something really incredible. They will witness the process of childbirth along with their favourite celebrity of ‘Kendra on Top’.

Kendra was part of a reality TV show called “Celebrity Wife Swap”. It was during this show that she realized she wanted to have just two babies. The show saw Kendra swap lives with star mom Kate Gosselin. With the life swap came the responsibility of taking care of Kate’s kids. With so many kids around, Kendra found it overwhelming to deal with the responsibilities and emotions that came along with the kids. That’s when she realized that she wanted to have only two kids, and not more!

On February 28 she revealed her wild idea about her childbirth video. The star has spoken and planned with her doctor and is positive about filming her second baby’s birth process soon.


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