Home and Away star Kate Ritchie, the popular face of the even more popular Australian soap has finally announced through Facebook that she is pregnant with her first born. Ritchie, 35, who was found denying any reports of being pregnant in January, has confirmed through the social networking site that she is indeed pregnant.

Kate Ritchie Confirms Pregnancy

Through her Facebook profile, she had posted that it was with great excitement that she and her husband is announcing her pregnancy with their first born. And that all secrecies that they had maintained until then was merely them protecting what is most sacred; a life that was far from reaching its 12 week milestone.

She further posted that she was grateful to all who have respected their privacy over the past weeks and in turn allowing them the privileges every couple deservers.

“It really is such a special time for us and we couldn’t be happier,” was quoted to say.

Kate married her husband, who was once a NRL player and presently a league coach, in Tasmania in 2010. Ritchie’s pregnancy rumor was first broken out by a woman’s magazine to which both Kate and her husband Stuart refused of being true. This was mainly done as they weren’t through the first trimester yet.

Ritchie played the role of Summer Bay’s Sally Fletcher in Home and Away for 20 continuous years before retiring from the role in 2008. Sally Fletcher returned to Home and Away the previous year for a continuous 8 week run that coincided with the 25th anniversary of the show. The storyline portrayed an emotional journey of her battle to save the life of daughter Pippa, a girl that was portrayed to be suffering from a terminal disease. Last year however, Ritchie confirmed of reprising her role as Sally Fletcher after a break of 5 years.


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