It seems like only yesterday celebrities were  flaunting their religious believes with great pride and everyone was getting Kabbala bracelets or tried on Scientology. Today all these are forgotten, because the celebrities find every day new trends to follow and one of these is veganism.

A vegan is a person who chooses to consume only non-animal products. Vegans don’t eat meat or any other animal related products and often they choose not to cook the food they eat.

Who is Going Vegan?

As celebrities are the first to enroll in every new idea or trend, many stars are posting on social media networks their vegan meals. And it seems that recently, Beyoncé is no exception to the rule. The talented singer made an unforgettable appearance at the Grammy Awards and triggered a lot of gossip about her slim-but-curvy body.

A few days after, Bey revealed her secret: she took up a 22-days vegan challenge. The great news was made public on Beyoncé’s Instagram account with a snap of her vegan snack: a gluten-free, soy-free (and everything else -free) chocolate bar sliced into pieces and covered in banana pieces.

Following the Hubby

The first to go vegan from the Jay Z-Beyoncé couple was the famous rapper. He claimed that he took up the 22-days vegan challenge after a talk with his vegan friends. Understanding the benefits of a vegetable-based diet, Beyoncé followed her husband’s example. The couple is known for their extravagant lifestyle and they were accused of making a spectacle of vegan lifestyle just to gain a little more free publicity.

Vegan Lifestyle- Winner or Loser?

Who is the winner in this? The two have for sure got their desired applauds when media found about their new vegan meals.  With one hit the media received its new celebrity-gossip news and veganism got a lot of publicity.

Considering that Beyoncé advocates that the new diet is responsible for the healthy , hot looking body ,for sure a lot of fans embraced the idea.

Why 22-Days Challenge?

Jay-Z revealed on his blog that the 22-daysis a wise-woman’s choice. It takes 21 days for the human body to break or make a habit. So in the 22nd day of a diet (or anything you took up 22 days ago) you can dive into a new lifestyle. Beyoncé’s husband also stated that an animal-free diet is the natural choice because it cleanses your body improving your mental well-being.

Rumors of the couple going vegan hit the media before Christmas last year too. It seems that the trial they took on then made quite an impression even if they experienced it only for a few days. How long will this last? Most likely until the next “big thing” comes around.


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