Hugh Grant is a father again. The popular British actor is a father third time over and his love child, another boy, was born to his lover, Anna ElisabetEberstein last year in September. Anna is a Swedish TV producer that brought in to the world the star’s son in secret. The identity of the child’s father was disclosed when the birth certificate was reregistered and Hugh John Mungo Grant, theactor’s full name, was added as the father’s name on the certificate.

Love and Child History

The 53-year-old bachelor has two other children with Tinglan Hong. His first love child, Tabitha Xaoi Xi Hong Grant was born in September 2011, after a brief affair. In his interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show, he had mentioned that his first child was a pleasant surprise and that he was happy to be a father. He also mentioned that he visited his daughter often and was a proud father. In fact, he was happy to be a father that he recommended that others should have babies too, as it changes people for the better.

Some Kind of Relationship

Although his affair with Tinglan Hong was described as a fling, she got pregnant with his second love child, and became the mother of a boy named Felix in last December less than a year since Tabitha was born. Miss Hong comes from Eastern China and lives in Britain since 2003. She met the “Nine Months” star at a wine bar in Chelsea in 2008. Their friendship turned into a relationship in 2011 and soon she was pregnant with Grant’s love child. Hugh’s representatives had stated that although it was not planned, Hugh was thrilled and supports Hong completely.

It’s Complicated

Both Tinglan Hong and Anna ElisabetEberstein were pregnant with Hugh’s baby at the same time, as the two boys were born only a couple of months apart.  It is not clear if the two knew that they were both carrying the star’s child at the same time. Miss Hong lives with her children in a comfortable apartment in London.  Miss Eberstein lives in a £3million house close to Grant’s residence in west London.

Love History

The British actor and Elizabeth Hurley were together for 13 years after they broke up amicably in 2000. After that he started to date Jemima Khan, for a period of three years before the two decided to walk separate ways. He is currently known to be single and so far he did not go public with comments regarding his third love child.

Hugh Grant’s new project is the movie called “The Reluctant professor”, a chick-fling who also stars Allison Janney and Marisa Tomei.


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