The onset of E-Cigarette has definitely triggered fresh ripples across the celebrity community. Being one of the first realistic substitutes of traditional cigarettes, it is gaining rapid popularity and some celebritiesseem to have acceptedthis new assortment.

One of the prime breakthroughs was in the movie “The Tourist,” where Johnny Depp was spotted e-smoking in the film. Depp was using his e-cigarette on a train, and when he was asked about his smoking in a “no smoking” area, he simply replied that he is not smoking at all and that e-cigarettes are free from the public smoking ban.

celebrity watch on e-cigarette

Model Kate Moss is our other star who has taken the e-cigarette habit and has been spotted numerous times smoking these products on the regular. Even our favourite “Two and a half men” star, Charlie Sheen has even worked at endorsing an E Cig company advertised as the ‘The Winning E-Cigarette Sheen Safe Smoke’ and it is understood Sheen has also become one of several partners in the E-Cigarette company.

One of the well-known female stars, Jenny McCarthy, “The View” co-host, has encouraged the use of Electronic cigarettes over traditional nicotine products. She has also endorsed the e-cigarette brand Blu and can be seen in its commercials.

McCarthy explains that, now her mouth doesn’t taste like an ashtray, her love life has improved and she feels better about herself. The e-cigs have provided her with a way to smoke without making her feel like a social outcast.

E-cigarette sales have increased from a mere 50000 in 2008 to 3.5 million in 2012. It is presumed that there are over 1000 e-cigarette makers in USA itself, and a much higher globally. These figures alone speak of the reputability and the widespread acceptance of e-cigarettes.

Since the size of e-cigarette market has increased, so has variety of choices offered. Many manufacturers, around the globe offer a wide range of e-cigarette types and liquids, with assorted flavours and varying nicotine content. To know more visit the Ecigarette site.

E-cigarette is one of the best nicotine replacement products as it has lesser toxic effects than traditional cigarettes. Recent studies have revealed that e-cigarettes are one of the best aid for smoking cessation. Or resort to a more safety vaping alternative (like the ones produced by It is an option right now for those who are really struggling to stop smoking.

It is more effective than traditional pharmacotherapy, mostly because puffing on the e-cigarette gives a more traditional feel and is more effective in dealing with as well as improving short term cravings. Lately Lindsay Lohannow appears to be sporting E cigarettes, which we presume is aimed at her smoking cessation.

Other prominent celebrities like Simon Cowell, Katherine Heigl, Courtney Love, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattison, have been spotted using e-cigs.Read more about the increasing popularity of ecigsamonst celebrities and catch up on the new trend.

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