One more celebrity romance bites the dust. The five year relationship between Ricky Martin and Carlos Gonzales Abella has ended with the two being separated but remaining friends and having the same respect for each other.

Ricky Martin Splits with Carlos Gonzales Abella


Ricky like many other celebrities likes Tweeter so he offered his fans a hint of what’s coming posting “Changes, changes” on is page. Christmas brought another cryptic post saying that a lesson is painful even if it comes from somebody you love.

Their History

The couple started dating in 2010 simultaneously with Ricky declaring on his site that he is gay. With this occasion the Latin star stated that he is a lucky homosexual and that he feels blessed. These words were surely inspired by his romance with Carlos.

The romance continued to flourish with Ricky thanking Carlos for his support and love while accepting the Vitto Russo Award in 2011.

He praised Carlos in several occasions saying to the world that he found compassion and understanding and was free of the fear of judgment because of his boyfriend.

The Kids

Ricky chose to become a father via surrogate in 2008 and it seems that the couple’s life was not disturbed by Ricky’s parenting. Their friends declared in many occasions that both guys enjoyed taking care of the twins. During the appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Ricky Martin praised the kids. He said he is the proud father of a trilingual pair, the kids speaking French, Spanish and English.

They Simply Grew Apart

As it happens to many couples time was an endurance test for Ricky and Carlos. The guys seemed less and less in love and their reps simply declared that they started to spend a lot of time apart.

During the Ellen Degeneres Show appearance in September, the Puerto Rico star was asked about his love life and family. Surprisingly, he mentioned Carlos quite fondly while in the background were playing images with both of them playing with the twins, but he did not give any hint of breakup.

What Happened?

You can guess that Carlos was not into family life…and you would be right. His former partner declared in many occasions that Carlos was looking for a boyfriend and not a family man when they started dating and if the illusion of parenthood may have worked for a while, hanging with the kids and not having the full attention of his boyfriend might have been a bit too much for the man.


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