Who would have thought a Formula 1 hero would be in danger to lose his life in a freak accident practicing a leisure sport he is very fond of?

Michael Schumacher in Critical Condition After Freak Ski Accident

The sports world is in shock at the news that Michael Schumacher is fighting for his life  in an induced coma, post a horrific ski fall that happened last Sunday on the difficult off-piste section from the French Meribel ski resort.

A Ski Fan

Schumacher is a passionate skier and every winter he takes on the challenge to descend the spectacular slopes in the French or Swiss Alps. However he is far from being an adrenalin junkie and this year he is said to have been even more careful because he was with his 14 year old son at the moment of the accident.

What Happened?

The F1 driver took a severe tumble while skiing off-piste in the company of his son. Several witnesses from the scene of the accident declared that the driver hit his head in contact with a rock and the impact was so severe that the ski helmet was cracked.

His doctors stated that the helmet prevented a deadly head injury. In spite of that, Schumacher underwent emergency surgery and was placed in an artificial coma, his condition being declared as extremely critical.

The surgery removed the hematoma but the doctors discovered a few injuries which could not be helped. The only hope now is that with the internal temperature reduced to 35-36 degrees, his body will fight to reduce inflammation.

With all the medical effort, which was considerable in his case, the situation cannot be predicted and the medical team refrains from offering a positive prognosis.

Family, Friends and Public Opinion

The F1 driver’s family is by his side every moment and his wife Corinna, son Mick and daughter Gina Maria are extremely grateful to the medical personnel for the efforts done to save his life.

GerrardSaillant , the surgeon who operated on Schumacher after the 1999 accident from Paris came to offer his support but in this case he declared he is there as a friend and not as a doctor.

Angela Merkel expressed publically her shock and so did the German public because Michael Schumacher is very loved in his country for the fact that he won 91 races during his 19 years driving career.

For sure many prayers are rising to the stars from the fans of the F1 legend because after undergoing a second operation he is showing signs of improvement.


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