Some of the celebrities seem to have a great year this year, but Justin Bieber isn’t one of them. He got the unique opportunity to smile for his mugshot after he was caught drag racing while he was under the influence. The story has been verified by the Miami police through interviews and their Twitter account.

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI

What do the police have to say?

In an interview the spokesperson of the police department stated that an unmistakable smell of alcohol was coming from the breath of the driver. Besides this, the celebrity seems to have had deliberate movements along with bloodshot eyes. During his arrest Justin Bieber is said to have cussed a few times and he resisted arrest without any violence. If all this wasn’t enough, the celebrity has been driving with an expired license from Georgia.

Not getting off the hook

This is the singer’s second encounter with the police this year. Earlier this month his California home has been searched in connection with some accusations of vandalism. Before this house search Bieber has been accused to having egged the home of one of his neighbors, causing $20,000 worth of damages.

Taking things easily

While for some of the teenagers all these mischiefs would be an alarming sign, the singer takes everything quite lightly. He says that he is young and he is making mistakes. He considers all this a part of the process of growing up. He admits that he makes mistakes but he believes that he has to make them in order to learn from them.

Other’s negativity

It seems like Bieber has a very interesting view of the police’s work. He claims that he won’t allow the negativity of other people to bring him down. He considers himself a positive person and he doesn’t even consider changing. He says that he is not perfect, but he is trying to make himself better each day that goes by. Based on his current behavior we can say that his world has taken a turn for the worst.

Is he a good person?

It is interesting enough that even after all this Bieber considers himself a good person with a big heart. He is a religious person (at least that’s what he says) and he is grateful for everything he has. Contrary to his behavior, he claims that he doesn’t wish to waste the opportunity he was given. However, he won’t give up his youth.


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