Many considered Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis an ironclad couple and after their surprising split, we would have expected the famous and extremely craved actor to stay single for a while. It seems that Johnny Depp had something different in mind and the public had the chance to witness a new turn in his relationship status.

The History

After a 14 year love that seemed to be forever, Johnny is still the very involved father of two kids resulted from his relationship with Vanessa. Jack is now 11 years old and Lily Rose is 14. Regardless the fact that they have 2 kids together the two never married nor gave any hint of intending to legalize their relationship status.

Amber Heard had the reputation of being bi-sexual due to her previous 4 year relationship with Tasya van Ree- a Hawaiian photographer and artist.

The Relationship

They met on the set of “Rum Diary” and it seems that this romance became more than a simply movie set fling. In June 2012 the two announced the fact they are together after the very recent split between Johnny and Vanessa.

Since then Jonny and Amber have acted as a very typical celebrity couple, keeping private and doing their best to stay out of the public’s eye. However they were spotted by the media sharks all over the world. They been together to Moscow and also took Johnny’s kids on a trip to Japan.

More than that, they were seen holding hands and looking in love at Art of Elysium’s 7th Annual HEAVEN Gala in Los Angeles and attended the Golden Globes Ceremony together too, on January 12th.

Long Time Coming

Any relationship change in Hollywood becomes public news very fast and when the blonde diva appeared with a new rock on her finger, rumors started to flow. Paparazzi hunted her to get a shot of the ring but she did her best to keep the engagement hidden. An anonymous source declared to the press that the proposal was made a while ago but Amber decided not to wear the ring for a while, for reasons…only she knows.

Johnny’s Family

Did the beautiful actress fear the reaction of Jonny’s kids? One would think that is possible although several sources among which their dad, stated that she takes really good care of the kids and even bonded with Lily ( Johnny’s 14 years old daughter) during a shopping session.

The couple will star together in a new production called “London Fields”. Will the engagement become marriage? Time will tell…


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