At the moment Giselle Bundchen may be the best paid supermodel of them all. Between runway appearances she is also working hard to be a good mother and a good wife. Although she can buy herself everything she wants, she claims that she is really low maintenance; she doesn’t even have a hairbrush.

Gisele - A Low Maintenance Mom and Wife

Pantene Collaboration

The model is the new face of Pantene, the brand supposed to offer women healthy hair. So is this the reason for which the model doesn’t even bother to get a hairbrush for herself? The truth is that no woman would ever need to own a brush if she would have people to do her hair.

Busy Life

Being a brand ambassador, a wife, and a mother is really time consuming, so if Giselle doesn’t have time to do her hair, she goes for a simple bun that works for all occasions. She claims that she doesn’t have a hairbrush because she has her hair brushed by other people on a daily basis. As a result it is no wonder that if she does have a day off, the last thing she wants is to brush her hair.

Being Privileged

Doesn’t it sound strange for a brand ambassador of a hair product company not to have a hairbrush? Although some people might find her remark quite cool, if you come to think of it, it may also sound privileged. Most probably you still remember the photo of her breastfeeding and having three stylists pampering her hair.

Beautiful Inside Out

It is undeniable that the model looks perfect and we also have to add that this perfection comes from the inside. She only eats healthy foods and according to her she didn’t drink soda for 10 years. Her children eat the same things she does. In fact, the first solid food that her son ate was papaya followed by avocado.

Family Tradition

Besides fruits and vegetables, her family also has a lot of garlic. According to Giselle her daughter wouldn’t eat anything unless there’s garlic in it. If the children only have what the model has, we can be sure that they will be super healthy kids with a lot of energy. Maybe there is something that we could all learn from the super mom.

Being a mother is not easy, but if you have everything done for you, you may not find it so difficult.


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