In case you have seen the latest public appearances of Christina Aguilera, you may have noticed that she gained some weight. However, as we all know, this isn’t a problem in the world of celebrities. They can lose 30 lbs. in a matter of months or weeks and this is the case of XTina as well.

Christina Aguilera Got Back Her Sexy Figure


She has been spotted while being on a shopping spree with a friend. If we come to think of how much she must have worked to lose all that weight, we might say that she deserves some new additions to her wardrobe. However, both she and her friend had only one Barneys New York bag in their hands.

Go Simple

Although she had a simple attire consisting of skintight blue jeans, clingy grey jumper, and a white T-shirt, we have to admit that she never looked better. She has a new, shorter hairstyle that has been covered by a black baseball cap with a large yellow P on it. It looks like she has been expecting the fans and the paparazzi because she had heavy, tanned makeup.

Meal Plan

The people who know the songtress well claim that she managed to lose weight this fast due to the 1600 calorie fresh diet meal plan. In the same time she also did yoga and workout sessions with her personal trainer, Tee Sorge. Her friends say that she did it all on her own especially because she heard people criticizing her looks. It seems like Aguilera has found a workout routine that does wonders for her that that makes going to the gym less of a chore.

The Essence

It is important for the celebrity to find an exercise program that she actually enjoys because it is more of a mind-body thing in her case. She prefers strength exercises to cardio. We have to admit that it doesn’t matter what she’s doing as long as it’s working. The star will return to her show, The Voice to be a judge of the following season.

Her New Looks

She debuted with her new looks at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards. She appeared as a sexy waitress, wearing a sequin covered waitress uniform. In order to make her appearance even more interesting, she added a pair of sky high stilettos. All these drew the attention to her slender legs and sexy cleavage which remind people of her old looks.


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