There isn’t person in the world who never heard about the “Fast and Furious” series. If you are a fan, for sure you have heard the sad news regarding the death of one of the stars, Paul Walker. A little while ago Vin Diesel joined the voices of the people wishing to mourn the star.

Brotherly Love

The actor held a speech in which he mentioned Paul Walker as his brother and he said that he was an angel. He also made a commitment of making sure that the legacy of the actor will carry on. He added that he wishes the actor could only see all the people that gathered in order to keep his memory alive and to show his family their support. However, this is something that Vin Diesel will never forget.

Saying Thanks

Although it is usually the family that thanks the fans for showing their support, in this case it was Vin Diesel’s job to do so. The star also honored his co-star who passed away in a car accident a few days ago in a Facebook post. He said that he wishes the actor could see the impact his life had on the world and on his life.

Off the Screens

Vin Diesel used the character name of Paul Walker, Brian, too, saying that he has been a brother to him, both on and off screen. The death of the star came as a shock to the entire world but we can be sure that his work will not be forgotten.


The police are still investigating the circumstances of the crash. At the moment the reps of the police claim that speed may have been a contributing factor. The bodies of the star and the driver, Roger Rodas are supposed to have been autopsied to find out more.

The Family

The family of the star posted on the Facebook page of the actor, thanking the fans for their support and their love in such difficult moments. The family asked the fans to give the stuffed animals and other donations to the charity that the star started. ROWW has been created out of the star’s desire to help people, and the fans may help this organization reach its goal through small donations.

Paul Walker died too soon, but the fans can take comfort in knowing that he lived his life to the fullest and he had a happy life.


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