Usually people think that the stories about famous men cheating on their famous wives are only rumors and gossip, but there might be something to it. It looks like on this occasion Dean McDermott cheated on his wife, Tori Spelling, right before Christmas. Now that’s a gift no woman would ever wish to receive.

How it all went down?

You may imagine that it has been a really awkward holiday in the home of the celebrities. McDermott got a new gig as the host of the show “Chopped Canada” and he spend almost the entire month in Ontario and Toronto promoting the new show. This is when the affair is supposed to have taken place.

Emily Goodhand

It is believed that the star met her through some common friends. After a time McDermott is supposed to have invited her to his hotel room and she accepted his invitation. It is said that McDermott talked about his marriage and his children, but they still got engaged in sexual relationships.

The Other Woman

Goodhand claims that the celebrity told her he has a sexless marriage with Spelling, and she believed him. She spent two nights with the celebrity, while Tori Spelling was home with their four kids. The couple had some trouble before when Spelling had a difficult pregnancy and she needed emergency C-section. They also had some financial troubles when their spending exceeded their income.

The Ghosts of the Past

Both of them have been married before. Tori Spelling was married to Charlie Shanian for two years, which Dean McDermott was married to Mary Jo Eustace for 13 years. They had an affair so both of them got divorced and they got married in the moment their divorces were final. McDermott has a son from his former marriage.

Private Life

The couple didn’t make any official statements until this moment and they would like to keep private the entire affair. However, this is somewhat difficult to accomplish because Goodhand is more than willing to share the details of her affair. She claims that McDermott told her he loved his wife very much but she wouldn’t sleep with him. The mistress did not ask why not because she thought it was awkward.

All celebrities should learn a lesson from this case: there is no such thing as private affair in the world of celebrities. Truth always finds a way to come out.


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