He is handsome, she is a vision and you would have thought their romance will last forever but it wasn’t meant to be. The very lovely three year marriage that produced a son, between Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom is over since October, but so far none of them stepped forward to shed light on how are things evolving between them.

Orlando Speaks to the Press while Miranda Moves On

Orlando Bloom

From his point of view the way they feel about each other is clear. They still have the deepest affection for one another and the most important thing for him is his son, Flynn. In spite of being separated they still appear together as a functional family taking lunches and walks.

He seems extremely ok with the situation and also extremely involved in the new Broadway project he is starring into – “Romeo and Juliet”. According to the Instagram posts of his ex, his son had a great time watching him perform on stage.

Leo and Miranda

Soon after their divorce the tabloids wrote quite a while on the topic that Miranda would have found comfort post-divorce in the arms of no other than Leonardo DiCaprio. The world expected some sparks of romance between the two especially because Leo is known to have a thing for lingerie models.

In spite of the press, their escapade to Las Vegas was just that. The two had previously known each other and their reps say they are just friends. Neither Leo nor Miranda gave an open statement regarding the topic.

Simply Miranda Kerr

Leo or not…the Victoria Secret diva has surely moved on. No mess, no fuss, no drama is what can be said about her divorce survival. She is still amazingly gorgeous and apparently into James Parker – an Australian Billionaire.

Parker has recently split from his wife, the fashion model Erica Baxter after six years of marriage and he seems ready to start a new relationship with Miranda. The most interesting thing about the two is that they are together after declaring only 45 days apart from each other that they are separated from their spouses.

The Facts about the Relationship

Orlando and Miranda are good friends with Parker and his wife. The couples are known to have vacationed together in several occasions so the new romance is not exactly a surprise. Miranda and Erica are longtime friends and Parker is known to have offered Miranda business advice for the beauty products line she recently launched.


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