All those that thought that the relationship between Madonna and Ibrahim Zaibat was too farfetched to last will be glad to see they were right.

The diva chose to split with the young dancer after a three year relationship. The reason seems to be that they simply grew apart because of their hectic schedule but when you come to think of it Madonna is not the kind of woman to enjoy being kept waiting.

Madonna Says Good-Bye to Her French Lover

From her point of view

The relationship started with him being her backing dancer and accompanying her during tours. Then they seemed on fire and the newspapers had a field day on the topic of Madonna’s boy toy.  Over the years he seemed perfectly integrated in her entourage spending time with her and her kids both the boys from the marriage with Guy Ritchie and the girls Lourdes – Madonna’s eldest and Mercy the daughter she adopted while being single.

They used to spend a lot of time together and according to the press, recently Madonna was not at all into the new schedule of the young dancer.

Dancing with the Stars

Ibrahim took the offer to appear in the French version of “Dancing with the Stars” quite seriously. He moved to France so he could rehearse and spend time with his partner Katrina Pattchet while Madonna remained based in New York.

Ibrahim – 25 and Madonna – 55 have not been together since August this year and when they appeared looking sad at the Kabbalah Center in New York, last week, people knew the splitting rumors are true.  It seems the diva felt used when having to wait for his schedule to clear so they could get together


The young dancer had recently entertained the public with a series of tweets with him and his hot looking dancing partner, even taking her with him during his trip in New York. The things seem to work well for him in the show so there’s no wonder he chose the show over Madonna.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn

Madonna fans were not exactly surprised to see Madonna join Sean Penn together with her son Rocco for a trip to Haiti to support the actor’s charity actions there.

Many see in this gesture an attempt of the two to reboot a relationship that ended in 1989 but the fact remains that Madonna getting together with anyone is a sure sign that she is no longer into her young former backing dancer.


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