The words of celebrities do count and this is why they have to be very careful about the things they say in an interview. Due to recent homophobic claims, Phil Robertson has been suspended from his show, “Duck Dynasty”, which made him someone in the world of celebrities.

Homophobic and Racist Talk from Phil Robertson

What did he do wrong?

The 67 year old actor gave an interview to GQ in which he associated gay people with drunkards and terrorists and he added that their homosexual behavior could turn into bestiality and even worse. He continued to say that they will not inherit the kingdom of God because it’s simply not right.


The reporter also asked him whether he witnessed bigotry or racism against African-American people in the times before the Civil Rights War. He said that he never saw the mistreatment of these people. They all lived alike. The black people have been working for the farmers. Then he added that he worked together with black people on the cotton fields and he is with the black people because white people are “trash”.

A Turn of History

It looks like the actor has a very interesting (or selective memory). He also told the reporter that he never heard black people say that they are mistreated by white people. He remembers them walking on the fields happily singing; and back then they weren’t singing blues.

What does he have to say for himself?

After the actor has been accused with having homophobic and racist remarks, he said that he is a true Christian and that he follows what the Bible says. He also added that he would never disrespect people just because they are different from him. All people have been created by the same God and he loves all people. All people would be better off if they loved each other.

What does the World have to say?

Although the patriarch believes that he has done nothing wrong, apparently the world does not agree with him. His words have been found offensive by many and this may have cost the actor his job.

It has happened many times before for celebrities to say things that they regret later. In their case there is nothing that isn’t analyzed by thousands of people just waiting to find something wrong, this is why they have to be extra careful about every word that they say. They can never know how some people might interpret it.


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