It looks like there is some good news is the world of celebrities. What could be more exciting than an engagement during the holidays? The big news may come from Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The two have been together for two years now and since the divorce of Ashton from Demi Moore has been finalized, now they have a green light to go on with their own plans.

Family Holidays

The couple seems to be very serious about their plans. They have been spotted in Iowa where they seem to have spent the holidays with Ashton’s family. Now that the lengthy divorce has been finalized, the couple can take the next step. The people close to the couple say that they have been talking about marriage and having kids.

Inside Story

The insiders say that the two are almost inseparable. When Kunis isn’t working on a project on her own, she usually hangs out at the set of “Two and a Half Men” and they are often spotted entering Kutcher’s trailer.

Life Changing Events

The couple started dating after Kutcher split from Demi Moore (51) over two years ago, but they divorce only got finalized this November. It looks like the Ukrainian beauty managed to “train” the party boy. Nowadays Kutcher is seldom seen partying. Instead he stays home in their Beverly Hills house and the couple has quiet nights. Some people even say that the actor learned to cook and they cook together. This means Kutcher knows that he has found the right girl.

Nasty Divorce

While some might think that when it comes to a divorce, celebrities don’t want money, in fact they do. In this case Demi Moore, although she has her own vast fortune, received a relatively large sum of money and shares in the technology start-ups of the actor. The two got married back in 2005 and they did not sign a prenuptial agreement.

Official Story

Officially the reason of their split has been “irreconcilable differences” and they set the official date of their breakup on 17 November 2011. Since then Ashton changed quite a lot and maybe part of this change is the result of his relationship with Kunis.

Now that Kutcher and Moore are officially over, we should wish the best to the new couple so that they would make the most of their relationship and maybe they will even have children.


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