Every year we expect the list of the best earning stars from Forbes magazine. This year was no different and this month we have the opportunity to see which are the best paid music entertainers of this year.

The Diva Feud

There is a known rivalry between Lady Gaga and Madonna. The celebrity gossip blogs thrive on different occasions when the divas cross proverbial swords and the money world is surely one of the places their competition is obvious.

Lady Gaga said many times she does not want Madonna’s throne and financially speaking  in 2013 it seems she had no chance of winning it.

The Best Paid


Madonna, called” material girl”, lived up to her nickname this year. She earned over $125 million and became the best paid music entertainer in the world. The largest source of the cash she earned this year was the MDNA Tour but the sales of merchandise during this tour and the clothing line she launched together with Truth or Dare perfume completed her income.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

If the health problem that made necessary for her to have hip surgery in the middle of her tour, would have not appear, Lady Gaga would have definitely won the battle. The tour, if completed would have generated at least $200 million revenue. The diva released her ARTPOP album post the date of the data gathering for this list so it did not count for the amount of money gathered for this year’s chart.

Surprising but still up there


Next in line on the Forbes’ best paid musicians is BON JOVI. The band increased their revenue with the impressive “ Because we can” tour. The band’s concerts won around $3 million for every city and the band positioned itself on the 3rd place with $79 million.

Honorable Mentions

The next in line for the chart of the best paid musicians are also common presences from the last years lists.

Toby Keith

Country music singer Toby Keith earned $46 million, but there is no surprise there because along the music performances the country music mogul owns a record label, a restaurant chain and other revenue streams.


Coldplay managed to gather $64 million out of hired performances and placed themselves on the 5th place.

Important Cash Sources

All artists base their income on performing for the public but the high amount of cash they earn have other important sources besides the actual concerts and music albums. Publicity for various products, being the image for certain brands and clothing lines but also many other contracts the music celebrities get are all part of the revenue they earn because they are famous for their music.


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