Some fans may cry, some may be happy but for 2013 the “ The Sexiest man alive “ title goes to Adam Levine. People’s magazine awarded once again the most craved title in the male celebrity world and to the surprised of many, it chose it’s king of sexy from the land of music.

Why Adam Levine?

Why Adam Levine

Before you ask yourself why and preach your disappointment that is not Ryan Gosling…again…take a look at the Maroon 5 hottie. The reasons for which he was awarded the crown are : confident, seductive and cool.

Why should girls love him? Because in spite of the fact he repeatedly preached he is not marriage material, he got engaged to his gorgeous girlfriend. He looks adorably posh in a suit, has a  body to die for and is the cutest judge from the “Voice”. Add to this that his career as a musician sky rockets and the fans are screaming his name and you get your answer.

Adam blushed when announced he won the crown for being sexy, especially because the announcement was made during the “Voice“ show. Apparently he credits his look and stamina to yoga, spinning and career success but we can add that his smile and gaze did a lot for him in the race for this title.

Who else would have deserve it?

Ian vs. Chris

Ian vs. Chris

From the so many male hotties out there, it is quite difficult to choose only a few. Still according to the women of the world Ian Somerhalder and Chris Hemsworth are still on top.

Ian has a cute look with amazing eyes and killer body, an air of good boy gone bad and scores major points for being the owner of a litter of puppies.

Chris on the other hand has the hero like six pack, a heartbreaking look and the charm of a hot family man. We must mention that the god like image suits him perfectly.

Jake Johnson vs. Aaron Paul

 Jake Johnson vs. Aaron Paul

The TV world is filled with cool looking guys but as the hearts of the women go Jake Johnson and Aaron Paul stand out because of surprisingly sexy things.

Jake captured the hearts of women with the kiss that swept Jess off her feet in the cutest comedy show  ever. This was both unexpected and heart melting for all the women out there.

On the other hand Aaron is the bad boy from “ Breaking bad” that won every award in the book and that manages to be both a hot looking star and a sexy dad.


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