There are a lot of people who don’t really like Kim Kardashian, but the celebrity has some bad news for them. Numerous people called her fat while she was pregnant with her daughter, Nori. In order to make these people jealous, she decided to show off her famous curves.

Going Public

She decided to honor the invitation of Jay Leno on his show to show off her post-baby body. In order to make sure that everybody will see what she has to show, she opted for a white see through dress with a black bra and matching black pants.


The celebrity is aware of the things people said about her and she claims that she took everything to the heart. She gave birth to her daughter back in June and since then she managed to lose 50 pounds and now she feels more confident. A little while ago she released a revealing photo of herself in a bathing suit. This photo is something like showing her middle finger to the world.

Enjoying Life

There will always be some people who are envious of her and who don’t like her, but at the moment Kim enjoys everything that life has to offer. It was only last week that her fiancé ask her to marry him and presented her a ring with a tremendous diamond. She says that she is very happy and that the night of the proposal was the most magical night of her life.

The Wedding

She isn’t a bridezilla; Kim Kardashian says that she will allow Kanye to have anything he wants for the wedding. She added that it would be nice to have something Parisian, since they both like this romantic city. They were thinking about having the wedding next summer, but up to now they didn’t really have time to discuss the matter.

Change the Name

Kim’s name has become famous all over the world. Nonetheless, Kim is thinking about taking up her husband’s last name, but she would keep hers as her middle name. She wishes to become a West because her daughter’s name is West and she really wants them to be a real family.

Little Nori

The proud mother claims that Nori is a sweet little girl who never cries. Kim added that she would like her daughter to grow up and to be just like her father, having an opinion of her own.


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