Although A-list celebrities have money and everything they want, not all of them are known for spoiling their children (which is bad both for the parents and the child). One of these children brought up by Hollywood royalty is Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson - Responsible Mom vs. Expensive Clothing

The Life of a Celebrity

Nowadays it’s not surprising to see the celebrity on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, because of her amazing style. She admitted to the magazine that her mother, Goldie Hawn, didn’t really spoil her or her brothers, Wyatt and Oliver. She claims that her mother wasn’t a shopping fan when it came to her kids. Even though the children had a lucky and privileged lifestyle, their parents didn’t want them to believe that they can have everything that they want.


Although now she can afford every thing that she wants, the celebrity confesses that she often finds herself not buying the things that she admires the likes of designer dresses. This behavior has become even stronger since she became the mother of Bingham and Ryder.

Spoiling Herself

Nonetheless she cannot say that she never buys the things she wants. Even though it is rare, there are some occasions when she sees it fit to spoil herself. She doesn’t see herself as a fashion shopping passionate. Although at times she would like to be, she finds the majority of the pieces just too expensive. Isabel Marant became famous with her work for H&M, and Kate declared that she used to buy her creations when they were a lot more affordable from her Paris boutique. She will probably not choose the label anymore because it’s just too expensive.

Free Clothes

The majority of people believe that the A-list stars get the attires worn on the red carpet for free. You are wrong even if you think the celebrities own their dresses; in fact they only borrow them.

Her Body

Even though she doesn’t exactly own the dresses she wears, she is proud to show off her perfectly sculpted body. She is known to practicing Pilates. In her interviews she often says that her daily workout routines help her stay in shape and be on top of her game. You may have thought that she has enough exercise from running after her two kids all day.

All people know that it is always sunny in the rich men’s world, but the truth is it might not be as shiny as most think. Although celebrities are undeniably rich, not even they can afford everything that they like and they don’t buy everything for their children either.


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