Although a lot of people think that celebrities always get things right, the truth is that they could make mistakes as well, even if we are talking about something seemingly harmless, such as a Halloween costume. You may have seen photos of Julianne Hough who dressed up in orange with a blackface makeup on Halloween.

Julianne Hough and the Scandal Caused by Halloween Costume

Controversial Effects

Although Isla Fisher knew that there is no way for things to turn out right in this case, the Dancing with the Stars celebrity just wouldn’t listen to her. She had the complete outfit of Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black, with a knotted do, prison attire, and darkened skin. The character is originally played by UzoAduba.

Damage Control

As an attempt to make things better the Prison Break actress suggested to her friend to go to the toilet and wash off her makeup. Insiders say that the actress hoped that she could do something even before someone took shots of the possibly offensive costume.

Outrage and Criticism

Although Isla Fisher was trying her best, her attempts were not enough to make things right and soon all the newspapers were filled with photos of her friend. So many people go angry because of the allusions Julianne Hough made that on the next day she felt like she owed the public an apology and she apologized through Twitter.

Being Honest?

Julianne Hough claimed on her Twitter account that she is a big fan of the show and she is also a big fan of UzoAduba, as well as of the character that she brought to life. She also added that it was never her intention to be disrespectful towards anybody. She now knows that the costume she thought of may have offended some people and she is truly sorry for all this mess.

Laverne Cox

UzoAduba’s costar believes that Julianne’s intentions weren’t bad; she simply didn’t know any better. However, it was also added that it is a shame for her to be living in this country and not knowing what effects her costume had on other people. It is believed that it was only ignorance from her part, which is quite sad if you come to think of it.

As you can see, you always have to be very careful about your actions, because you can never know when will you offend someone or what other people might think based on your behavior.


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