It looks like the life of celebrities can never be boring. According to the latest news, Jennifer Love Hewitt gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. However, this isn’t the only news involving the actress: it is also said that she got married to Brian Hallisay, the father of her daughter, in secret.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Welcomes Baby Girl

The Words of Her Rep

According to the rep of the actress, she and her husband welcome their baby girl with great joy and excitement. The little one was born on 26 November. She also added that the couple had a private wedding a little while ago.

Secrets Revealed

Back in June the news of the 34 years old actress getting engaged to the Client List actor of 35 hit the world. They are both working on the same TV show and back then they said that they were thrilled about the prospect of starting a family together. The world got the first glimpse at her diamond ring and at the actress’ baby bump while they had a romantic trip to Florence, Italy.

The Gender

In an interview that the actress gave in July she claimed that they wish the gender of the baby to be a surprise. In that period she was really curious about what the little one will look like and she added that she had all kinds of pictures of the baby in her head.

The Pregnancy

During her pregnancy, Jennifer Love Hewitt did everything she could in order to avoid stressful events. According to her the majority of women start stressing about all kinds of things when they find out about their pregnancy and they are looking for answers for their every question. However, she is aware that every child is different and that all parents have different relationships with their children. This is why, according to her, the best thing that parents can do is to wait and try to be relaxed until the day comes when they find all their answers.

The Final Months

Although usually the end of pregnancy is difficult for women, the actress said that she considered herself lucky because she had an easy pregnancy. The entire process has been easy for her and she enjoyed every moment of it. All there is left for the fans of the couple is to welcome the little one and wish her and the parents all the best in the world.


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