Not all celebrities are known for their talents. There is Heidi Montag, for example, who became a celebrity because she had 10 plastic surgeries in only one day. These included her having F cup silicone implants. Now she decided to go under the knife again, but this time she had a different plan.

Heidi Montag Downsizing Her Breast Implant


The 27 years old celebrity opted for downsizing her breasts. Instead of her bowling ball implants, she went for a more natural looking ,C cup size. She claims that the old implants nearly reached her belly button. Nonetheless, she didn’t reach this decision on her own. She made the change after her doctor told her that her huge implants were “bottoming out”.

The Wisdom in Her Words

Heidi Montag claims that her doctors said that the implants could fall out in the bottom and they could fall all the way to her belly button. This breast augmentation is already the third for the star. She had one back in 2007 and another one in 2010. Her last one was a marathon of 6 hours in October.

Making Them Smaller

The celebrity confesses that she would have wanted to downsize even more, but her doctor told her that she would need extra stitches in that case and she wanted to avoid that. She says that the results of the surgery are great and that her neck and back don’t hurt anymore because of the extra weight in her chest.

“Surgery girl”

Another reason for Heidi to have another surgery is that a lot of people were referring to her as “surgery girl” and she got tired of it. In the same time she also found out about the health risks that she was taking.

Feeling Good in Her Skin

The star says that she feels like she can breathe for the first time. Now she feels healthier and she also has the possibility to wear cuter and tighter tops. As an added bonus, she doesn’t have to wear a bra. Now Heidi realizes that the choices she made back in 2010 were caused by her insecurities and she now understands that she would have needed therapy instead of surgery.

Being Impulsive

The rest of the work that she had done has been suggested by her doctor. Having them was an impulsive decision and it took her a year to recover entirely. As we can see, having a natural look is always the best option.


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