The last time we saw Drew Barrymore, the actress showed the signs of a new pregnancy. A little while ago she confirmed the news. She will have a second child with her husband, Will Kopelman. It was only last year that the couple welcomed their first child, Olive.

Drew Barrymore Happily Expecting a Second Child

The Happy Mother

Although Drew Barrymore is already 38 years old, she didn’t give up her dreams of having a large family. She wanted this since she was a kid. She grew up as an only child and she claims that while this may work out for some children and for some parents, she is not one of them. She added that she wanted at least two children, but she doesn’t say she wouldn’t have more.

Media Coverage

Drew says that during her last pregnancy she didn’t want to make any comments and reporters were constantly stalking her, so this time she has a different approach. She tried to keep it a secret as long as she could, but once people noticed the changes that her body is going through, she came clean and shared the good news with the world.

Opinions About Motherhood

The actress claims that the best thing about being a mother is that it makes people better persons on an everyday basis. She says that every morning when she wakes up she instantly starts looking for ways to make her daughter smile. This makes her feel better about herself and she couldn’t imagine living her life in any other way.

Her Husband

Drew Barrymore adds that her husband is a great father and a great husband as well. She wanted to offer her children a traditional home. Her husband comes from a strong family and he can maintain a strong family. The actress has a message for all the parents out there: if they don’t come from a traditional or strong family, this is their chance to become better persons than their parents and to offer everything that they can to their children.


Both the actress and her husband are really excited about the new baby. They both wished for their daughter to have a sibling and it looks like their wish will come true sooner than they anticipated. All there is left for us to do is to congratulate the couple and to wish them all the best regarding the news of their miraculous bundle of joy.


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