While he is a talented artist, Chris Brown seems unable to step back on the right path. In the past he did some jail time for being charged with assault. After only one day of freedom he decided to check himself in to rehab in order to handle differently some of his personal issues.

Is There a Change?

According to him, the singer has chosen to go to rehab in order to receive some expert opinion regarding his recent behavior. He wishes to make some changes in his life and to become more successful both in his career and personal life.

The Latest Charges

Chris Brown got out of jail on 28 October after an alleged assault. He has been charged with having assaulted together with his bodyguard a man outside W Hotel who tried to have his picture taken with the  singer. In addition, he is also said to have made some homophobic remarks before punching the man in the face.

It’s Not the First Time

Chris Brown had his first contact with the police after he had beaten his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, who had to go to the emergency room because of her wounds. Since then the singer has been on probation and the truth is that he didn’t become a model citizen. On this occasion he had to do 36 hours of jail time and he got out without bail.

Next Steps

At the moment Chris Brown has to make sure that he stays at least 100 yards distance from the guy that he is supposed to have beaten up and the same applies to his bodyguard as well. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop here; both the singer and his bodyguard have to come back to court on 24 November.

Can He Change?

The singer really managed to shock the world when he hit Rihanna and after that he tattooed her face on his body. It looks like that was the moment when the singer got a taste for violence and he couldn’t stop ever since. Will a couple of weeks in rehab be able to change him? There is no way to know, but this might be the best option that he has at the moment (and maybe some anger management classes to help him channel his rage and frustration towards more creative processes).

A lot of celebrities believe that they don’t have to obey the law, but they are applied to them just as in case of any other person.


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