Celebrities that enjoy gambling

By on November 21, 2013
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Casinos are exciting places for anyone to visit. With their glittery interiors and elegant décor, there aren’t too many people who don’t find them appealing. They offer many different casino games that provide for a certain level of excitements as well as the chance to win some money.

Casinos are also a place where celebrities may be spotted as some of them have a certain fondness for casino gambling. While some celebrities play purely for recreational purposes, some celebrities enjoy the gambling as a way to earn money for charity.

tia carrere

Many of the high profile poker series also have charity events. The World Poker Tour has an event known as the World Poker Tour’s Celebrity Invitational. Many of the participants are celebrities who regularly enjoy casino gaming, although they probably prefer the glam side to the gambling side; you’re more likely to find them there than at an online casino like GamingClub.com/au/online-roulette.

Actor Donnie Wahlberg is known to participate in this event as is Marlon Wayans. This event is only for the men as several female celebrities also can be found to participate. For instance, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Ricki Lake and Tia Carrere are a few famous ladies who can be found gambling in the casino.

Some charity events are held to help charities within the city a casino is located. Pokerstars.net is the host to an annual tournament which raises funds to go to a local food bank. Famous faces like Christian Slater and Jason Alexander are known to be regular participants in this event. Not only do actors join up with this event, stars from the music world are also known to play.

Slash and T-Pain are two such examples. High profile race car drivers from NASCAR have also been known to participate in casino gambling for charitable purposes. Danica Patrick, NASCAR’s first female driver, is well known to play in poker events. NASCAR champion, Jeff Gordon, also enjoys gambling in casino events.

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