Tom Hanks is one of the best known actors of them all. The news of him having diabetes really shocked the world and people started asking whether his acting career had anything to do with his health condition. The actor talked about his condition on the Letterman show. He admitted that he had high blood sugar and other kinds of symptoms for over 20 years now.

How he got the news

He told his host that his doctor told him that he had high blood sugar levels since he was 36 and the problem reached a new level; now he has type 2 diabetes. It is believed that the fact that he had fluctuating body weight because of different movies may have had a word to say in this matter.

The opinion of specialists

Medical doctors claim that if a person has fluctuating weight for a longer period of time, he or she will have higher chances of being affected by diabetes sooner or later. For the movie Philadelphia Tom Hanks lost 26 pounds. In this film he had the role of a young man suffering from AIDS and for this role he won an Oscar.

Fluctuating weight

Two years after this movie was produced, the actor had to gain 30 pounds for another role. However, his most dramatic weight change has been for the movie “Cast Away” for which he had to both lose and gain weight. For this part he had to gain 50 pounds. After that in 16 months he had to lose 55 pounds and he also had to grow a beard. This way his character would look like he lost weight while being stuck on an island.

What does he have to say?

The actor admits that it was difficult to pull through, especially because he had to be very careful about what he ate and he had to spend two hours at the gym every day. Such “stunts” may have led to his diabetes because they put a lot of stress on his body.

The truth is that Tom Hanks isn’t the only actor known to “play” with his weight just to get a part. The same is true for other celebrities as well and so we can expect for them to have some problems in the future as well. This is why it is important for people to watch their weight and try to maintain it at a constant level.


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