What happened to the good old “first comes love, then comes marriage”? In the modern world this saying has no meaning anymore. This is the case of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship. They have been together for quite some time now and they have a daughter, Nori.

The Big Question

Kanye decided to ask Kim whether she would marry him on her 33rd birthday. It looks like the rapper didn’t really think about the costs and he did everything to surprise his fiancé. He decided to propose on 21 October while he was with Kim and her family in AT&T Park in San Francisco.

In order to make sure that everybody knows about his intentions, he projected the words “Please Marry Me!” on the screen of the stadium. He also hired an orchestra to play music when the projection begun. Could he have been any more romantic?

Preparations and Effects

On that same night Kanye had to attend the Hollywood Film Awards and he told the reporters that he just got there from San Francisco and he was planning on returning on the same evening. A couple of Hours later Khloe, Kim’s sister tweeted the good news, saying that she was in tears because of the amazing news that she got.

Some Baggage

The couple has been together since 2012 but they were friends long before they started dating. This will be the first marriage for Kanye, while it will be the third for Kim. She was married in 2003 to the music producer Damon Thomas and after her divorce she married the NBA player Kris Humphries, but this marriage lasted only for a brief period of time, for only 72 days.

Family Problems

It looks like Kim’s family has been through enough and it is time for them to get some good news. Apparently, her mother, Kris Jenner is currently separated from her husband, Bruce Jenner. In the same time the marriage of her sister Khloe Kardashian is also on the rocks with Lamar Odom since he has been incarcerated.

The truth is that there is no guarantee that a marriage will actually work. However, people will never know if they never try and this is a great moment for the couple to start their life together and to offer their daughter a real family. It looks like both of them are truly becoming responsible adults seeking family life.


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