For a long time Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been a thing, but since they are over, both of them went on with their lives. It looks like the actress has a new romantic interest which is a relatively awkward situation. Sources say that Katie has been dating Jamie Foxx.

Sneaking Around

It is a known fact that Jamie and Tom are close friends which makes the relationship of the two almost impossible. Sources claim that they have been seeing each other in secret in Katie’s apartment. Their sneaking around didn’t stop here: Katie has been seen spending a night at a hotel. The next morning a driver was supposed to pick Jamie up and take him to the set of his new movie, but Katie took the car instead.

Trustworthy Sources

The employees of the hotel agree with this statement: the actors spent the night together and Katie took the car to her apartment. Although it all began with rumors, it looks like the couple is serious. They were first seen together at a summer party.

Jamie’s Personality

At one point Jamie has been invited to Oprah’s show and he said that it is best not to let the world know who he is dating. It looks like he thinks about this really seriously and tried to keep his love life private. He also added that he can be very loving and he finds it important to be there for the person that he loves.

Katie’s History

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got married back in 2006 in a wonderful castle after the birth of their daughter. Before this, Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman. They have two children together. Before that he was married to Mimi Rogers. On the other hand, this marriage has been the first one of Katie Holmes.

True or False?

Although a lot of people claim that Katie is together with Jamie, in an interview that Jamie gave he said that the rumors were absolutely not true. He has been in good terms with Katie for a long time now and they only danced together at that party.


The friends of Katie say that James and Katie have been friends for a long time now but Jamie always wanted more. Furthermore, eye witnesses claim that Jamie tried to seal the deal during that dance, but that didn’t really happen.


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