It is a known fact that the majority of the celebrities do everything in their power to stay in shape even during and after pregnancy. From this point of view Kate Winslet may be more special. She claims that it isn’t very important for her to have a flat belly and that she has other priorities now.

Kate Winslet and Her Opinion on Pregnancy Body Weight

She has a lot of confidence

It is quite refreshing to hear a celebrity speak like this. Body confidence is something that the majority of women only have when they are in top shape. She said that she is aware of the fact that she is 37 years old. She thinks that life is too short for her to keep obsessing about the size of her buttocks.

Health and fun

While it is nice to have a good looking body, the actress added that her main goal is to be healthy and to have fun. She wants to spend as much time with her children as she can and so working for a flat belly just doesn’t fit into her schedule. However, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to stay fit.

Third time’s the charm

The actress already has two children from her previous marriages: 12 years old Kate and 9 years old Mia. Kate Winslet said that until this point she was lucky because she didn’t have any difficulties with her pregnancy. Once the baby is born she won’t hurry to get rid of the baby fat she put on.

Personal aspects

The truth is that the body types of women influence the speed of losing weight. Some women need very little time to get back in shape. Nonetheless the actress knows that this isn’t something that happens smoothly in her case and she doesn’t want to rush it.

Raising the children

The actress claims that fame never changed her. She has been raised by a decent person who thought her the value of people. Although she became famous when she was very young, she never thought about herself that she would be more than other people. She would like for her children to have the same priorities as her and to live a normal life.

It looks like not all celebrities are as superficial as people think. Even though there are some exceptions, the truth is that they are quite difficult to find. This is a quality that we should respect.

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