Plenty of celebrities seek psychic advice but recently a top psychic has revealed it’s not always such a self-indulgence as you might imagine.

Christopher Golden is well-known in his own right as a Hollywood psychic to the stars, and he revealed in a recent interview that celebrities aren’t just focused on themselves and self-obsessed.

celebrities consult psychics

Golden believes that a celebrity’s ‘brand’ or identity means that they put a lot of food into a lot of mouths (the entourage around them and their family), and so if there’s any way of ensuring that they can keep their career and reputation afloat, they’ll take it. Sometimes the best way to do that is to seek help from a psychic.

Singer Cheryl Cole was said to be having clairvoyant readings in the aftermath of her split with Ashley Cole, and though she clearly didn’t need psychic help on finding out that Cole had cheated on her, perhaps the clairvoyant was helpful in helping Cheryl establish what was important for her to do next; to maintain and protect her own career.

According to Golden, some celebrities involve psychics in individual career choices – such as whether an actor or actress should take on a particular role, and what the possible consequences of doing that will be on his or her career.

He feels that those celebrities who choose to employ psychics aren’t doing so out of vanity; they’re looking for guidance on making the best career choices, so that they continue to be successful.

And when you think about it, consulting a psychic might work out a lot cheaper than employing psychiatrists, lawyers and spin doctors to help manage a celeb career.

The truth is that most of the big celebrities can afford to employ all of these people to help run their PR machine; but of course it’s down to them which advice, if any, they actually pay any heed to. We mere mortals may not the finances to have access to such a wide array of ‘help’, but we can certainly afford to have a psychic reading or two when we need to make a big decision in life.

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