If you know a little something about the world of celebrities, for sure you have heard about the Vampire Diaries’ star, Nina Dobrev. She just got out of a relationship and a little while ago she claimed that there is no rush for her to get into a new one. However, it looks like she spoke too soon, because now she is officially together with her BFF’s older brother, Derek Hough.

Nina Dobrev and Her New Man

How did it all Happen?

Sources claim that Derek was hanging out a lot with his sister, Julianne, and Nina and there was no way for him to escape falling in love with the actress.

Speaking Too Soon

In august the actress said that she is the kind of girl who was always in long-term relationships and spending some time alone will be good for her; it will allow her to discover a side of her that she never knew existed.

Personal Life

While some of the celebrities would do anything to keep their private life… private, others don’t mind sharing their thoughts and feelings with the world. A little while ago the actress posted a message on her WhoSay account which was more than clearly meant for Derek. According to this message he brought light into the life of Dobrev.

Mutual Feelings

The people who know the couple say that Derek is head over heels in love with the actress. He even claims that he didn’t feel this way for a girl for a long time and everybody who knows him backs this up.

The Shoes

For sure you know the story of Cinderella. It looks like these two love birds have their own Cinderella story. Derek has been seen requesting shoes especially for his girlfriend and then eyewitnesses saw him texting Nina for her size. Is that romantic or what?

History and Baggage

Both Nina and Derek are known to have been together with other A-list stars. On Derek’s list we can find Cheryl Cole, Lauren Conrad, and Shannon Elizabeth. Since he already has such a long list, we might wonder whether this relationship will withstand the test of time or it will fade away just like the others.

At this moment the couple behaves like a couple in high school, giggling and sending each other cheesy messages. We will have to wait to find out whether they will be able to behave like the two grown-ups that they are.


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