It looks like something always happens to the Kardashians. This time it is the basketball player husband of Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, who hit the news. He decided to check into a rehabilitation center as a measure against his drug abuse problems. However, we might say that this is too little too late, after his DUI arrest on 30 August.

Problems Piling Up

We might say that this problem is only the cherry on the cake. The athlete was faced with a lot of difficulties in the past few weeks and this is only one of them.

The people close to the family say that his relationship with his wife has been affected by his substance abuse. The biggest problem might be his cocaine abuse which makes him be high for 3-4 days in a row.

Take a Turn

Nothing can go on forever, so there was need for something to bring him down with his feet on the ground. He was arrested at the end of August for driving under the influence. The police found obvious signs of intoxication.

They added that the athlete wasn’t even able to perform the field sobriety test. The police offered the athlete the opportunity to take the test several times, but he refused all of them. The biggest mistake of Lamar was that he refused the chemical test and so his license has been suspended for an entire year.

The (Wo)man of Steel

Khloe didn’t really talk about their marital problems. She did however tweet a few messages that might have had a hidden meaning.

After her husband was caught by the police she tweeted a message saying that she isn’t made of steel, no matter how hard she tries. Nonetheless, she is still quite close to it. This may mean that the problems have a great effect on them, but she can handle it and she doesn’t let her problems take over her life.


The truth is that the substance abuse of the basketball player is old news. He has been suspended twice from the NBA back in 2001 for the same problem. It is also known that his father was addicted to heroin. Some say that he is fighting the battles of his father.

We could all learn a little something about handling family problems from Khloe. She doesn’t let these problems affect her work and her career.


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