People say that problems make the bond between two people stronger. However, even though they had to face some trying times, it looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are taking a break. They wish to use this time to evaluate their relationship and their work.

The Relationship

The couple has been together for 13 years. Douglas is 68 while Zeta-Jones is only 43. While they said that they do have some marital problems, they did not wish to make any further comments on their plans or current situation.

A Break

While some of the rumors claim that the two are separated, sources close to the couple claim that they only took a break. The people who know them intimately say that their relationship has been affected by stress.

What do They do?

Until this point none of them mentioned divorce or anything related to a permanent separation. However, they are having separate vacations. Douglas has chosen to go to Sardinia on his yacht, while Zeta-Jones spends her time in their New York home with their two children, Carys and Dylan.


Since they got married, there were a lot of problems that they had to pull through. In 2010 Douglas received the news he had throat cancer. On the other hand, Zeta-Jones has been struggling with being bipolar for quite some time now. Douglas’s son, Cameron, is known to be an addict and he even did some jail time.

The Couple

The two haven’t been seen together since spring, even before Zeta-Jones’ latest trip to rehab. After her treatment she returned to the red carpet to promote her latest movie, but she did so alone. Douglas also had solo public appearances and he was spotted playing golf alone in Sardinia.

Health Issues

It is possible that his throat cancer has been caused by HPV, but Douglas claims that he never said he got the STD from his wife or that she has it. Zeta-Jones once said that her bipolar II disorder has been triggered by his husband’s health issues.


Although the couple admits that they have some problems, they are trying to do what’s best for their children, no matter what their relationship might be. Some might say that this sounds like they are preparing the kinds for a possible future divorce.

It would be a pity for the two of them to get divorced, but they have to do whatever’s best for them and for their family.


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