Is there anybody who doesn’t like Katherine Heigl? It sure seems that way. There are some TV and film insiders who claim that as cute as she may look on the screens, she’s not as fun to work with. Now that’s a shocker, right?

Life as We Know It

One of the colleagues that she worked with on the movie “Life as We Know It” said that when the actress was on the set a lot of difficult situations arose. They also added that the actress makes other people waste their time.

Although Heigl was paid $12 million, she often had wardrobe problems, she always questioned the script and on some occasions she simply refused to get out of her trailer.

Nancy Heigl

The insiders also add that there is some problem with her mother as well, Nancy Heigl. She is the actress’ manager as well and the two have been working together since Katherine was a child model.

The problem with the mother is that she is swearing all the time and she believes everyone else is an idiot. The frustrating part of all is that Katherine is both smart and talented.

The Producers

The director of the movie has a different opinion. He says that he would work with the actress any time he gets the chance. The producer claims that the accusations are exaggerated. However, she adds that the two women are really straightforward; they know what they want and they know how to get it.

High Expectations

It looks like the staff of the movie “27 Dresses” didn’t escape the high demands of Heigl either. The staff claims that the actress was very specific about what she wanted to have, such as big rooms and having her mother with her all the time. They also added that not even the biggest movie stars have such demands and expectations.

Lost Chances

It is a known fact that the last few movies that she starred didn’t turn out to be quite a success. Furthermore, at the moment she has a really nasty reputation in Hollywood which made her lose the possibility to become the star of a new pilot series. The producers of the show simply believed that she’s not worth the effort even if she was perfect for the role.

As we can see, talent and a pretty face are not enough for success in the world of celebrities.


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