The truth is that celebrities aren’t known for their humbleness. In an interview Kanye West gave to BBC he stated that he is the biggest rock’n’roll star on the planet. He also said that he loves Kim Kardashian because she gave him everything and because she doesn’t love him only for his money.


Interestingly, Kanye said in his interview that Michael Jackson broke down the racial barriers in the world of music. However, he claims that he went beyond the achievements of Michael Jackson. In his vision rap is the new rock’n’roll; rappers have become the new rock’n’roll stars and he considers himself the biggest of them all. Pretty humble, right?

How it all began?

It is interesting to note the admiration and respect the rapper has for Michael Jackson. He said that there would be no Kanye West without the work of Michael Jackson. Although he is happy with his achievements, he admitted his frustration for not being able to make new advancements in the fashion world.


Apparently the rapper believes that he knows how to achieve perfection and he thinks that “Dark Fantasy” can be considered perfect. Although he claims that he can make things perfect, he doesn’t consider this to be his main. He is meant to break new grounds regarding music and culture.


It looks like family is very important to Kanye West. Since his baby girl, North, was born he considers that he has a real family. He said that Kim gave him everything, including support. He appreciates the fact that Kim has her own money and that she can love him without asking him for money.


In order for a musician to be successful, there is need for a lot of creativity. The rapper feels like he hit the ceiling regarding his creativity. His latest album, “Yeezus”, was born because of his frustration in this field.

Is he the only one?

According to him, he often asks himself whether there is anyone who looks as good as him and who is as successful as him. It seems like there is no one, or if there is, they are very quiet.  Based on this, he believes that he is on top of the pyramid and there is nobody better than him.

At one point you can ask yourself whether you have ever heard someone as full of himself as Kanye West. The truth is that everyone considers themselves the best in their own small world.


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