Hollywood is the world’s largest film industry that produces some thousand of movies every year under different genres that include Sci-Fi, suspense thrillers, romantic, comedy and superhero. Usually these movies get released on a large scale in most parts of the World and it stands as one of the main reason for making box collections that cross billion dollars.

The box office earnings made by a specific film is considered as the maim metric in measuring the success of a film. From hundreds of films that get released every year, only few striking flicks will become success and make huge profits at the global box office.

Despite of having a huge fan following for the Hollywood films, few films miserably fail at the box office, but some movies like Avatar, Titanic, Transformers, Harry Potter and many more have helped out the production bosses to make more business and gain more profits.

Avatar, an amazing 3D film that was released in the year 2009 stands top as the all time highest grossing Hollywood film with a gross collection of $2,782,275,172 and next on the list is Titanic, an emotional romantic flick directed by James Cameroon was released in 1997 and quivered the global box office with a collection of $2,185,372,302. The infographic shows few more Hollywood flicks that was applauded by the movie buffs and fetched huge profits to producers.

Highest Grossing Movies of All Time in Hollywood Industry

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