It is just normal for parents to be proud of their children. This is why it isn’t surprising that they don’t wait too long before they show people photos of the little one. This was the case of Fergie and her husband, Josh Duhamel. Only three weeks after the birth of their son, Axl, both the parents posted photos of their baby on their Facebook pages.

Fergie and Josh Introduce Baby Axl to the World

Instagram and Facebook

For sure you have heard about a lot of celebrities who sold pictures of their children. In fact they sold the right to exclusivity to certain magazines or websites to present the photos of their children. Apparently the singer from Black Eyed Peas and the actor don’t need the money, because they were willing to share family photos with the fans for free.


The father of the baby posted a photo of Axl on his first day in this world. The proud mother posted a photo with the baby wearing earphones, adding that it was taken on day two and that the sound check has been done so all the systems are ready to go.

Making the Decision

Before introducing the photo the actor gave no hints of his intentions. In fact he tweeted that for the moment they want their son all for themselves. This is one of the main reasons for which parents shouldn’t be selling photos: to have the right to decide when to share the news with the world and to make it a personal matter.

Fergie and Josh

Axl Jack Duhamel

The baby was born on 29 August and he weighed 7 pounds at birth. Fergie has chosen to give birth through C section. The majority of people may guess that the unusual name of the little one was inspired by Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns’n’Roses. Fergie is a fan of the band and once she performed “Sweet Child O’Mine” accompanied by Slash.

Small Hints

In an interview that Fergie gave in May she said that she and her husband were thinking about starting their own little family. She said that they were thrilled when they found out that she is pregnant. She couldn’t really describe what they were feeling; it was an amazing moment for the couple.

Stacy Ferguson

Although not everybody knows it, the real name of Fergie is Stacy Ferguson. This summer she has applied to legally change her name to Fergie Duhamel so that she will have the same surname as the baby.


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