There is almost no field of business that David Beckham isn’t present in. He started with football and then he moved on to the fashion scene. Several pieces of clothing wear his name and he also launched a perfume. It looks like now he is trying to conquer other fields as well and this is why he decided to enter the restaurant business.

David Beckham and a New Restaurant Business with Gordon Ramsay

How does he do it?

In order to open his own restaurant, he got into a partnership with his friend, Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant got the name of Union Street Café and it is supposed to open next week. Although in a little while the ribbon will be cut, Beckham realized that this is not what he wanted and he left the partnership.

Is it possible?

The people close to the two businessmen say that although they are very good friends, they are also astute businessmen and they know what they want and they won’t give up until they get it. In this case they both wanted something different. They talked everything through and decided that it is best if they don’t do this project together.

Big expectations

Ramsey was very excited when David Beckham asked him to be his partner on this project. They both mentioned the restaurant in several interviews. Besides these, the two families are close friends, including Victoria Beckham and Tana, Ramsey’s wife.

The response

The chef of the new Mediterranean themed restaurant said that the feedback the restaurant got so far has been just great. In only four hours there were 2,500 reservations made. If the restaurant can perform as well as the owners and the customers hope, it is bound have a lot of success.

Together forever

A lot of people say that it would have been nice to have both of them working on the project. However, we can be sure that there will be a lot of other possibilities for them to work on. They are already discussing opening a chain of mesh and pie shops.

In case you would like to give a try to what the two have cooked up, you should hurry. With so many reservations made in advance, you would be lucky to be able to make a reservation for Christmas. Now the question is whether the food is as good as the advertisement campaign of the business. Big names can draw a lot of fans.


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